Apple Promises Revolutionary New Products; How to Stop Astronaut Fights & More

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All the News from D11

AdAge reports from All Things Digital's "D11" conference in California, where Tim Cook took the stage and divulged that plenty of "game-changing products" are in the pipeline for the company, whose last 12 months have seen lots of evolutionary, but no revolutionary products. 



Preventing Astronaut Squabbles

Technology and science aside, there is one major thing that people are going to make sure doesn't happen when we finally send over some men and women on the first manned mission to wars: astronaut fights. The Verge reports that NASA is conducting research on how best to avoid astronaut bloodbaths that are very much probable considering the tight space these people will be crammed in for years. Working with psychologists at Michigan State, they're working on a psychosocial sensing "badge" that will track the dynamics of the astronauts' social interaction. 


Internet Inception

The CEO of RecordSetter, a startup that is "the new home of world records," has blown the interwebz' minds by tweeting a Vine of an Instagram photo of a Tumblr post of a Facebook update of a Tweet. We dare you to one-up that. 



Jetpacks are Here!

But you can't have them. The Atlantic reports that Draper Lab, a R&D enterprise, is working with MIT and NASA on a new type of spacesuit that is more conducive to astronaut exploration and wandering -- limited mobility isn't what we want space explorers to be experiencing, after all. The suits feature jetpacks that will let astronauts fly, not just float, into space. 



A New Type of Lock

Techcrunch reports that Yves Behar has designed a new lock that will make your old lock feel ashamed. August Smart Lock is a $199 keyless lock system that uses a mobile app to unlock the house. It's a way to give temporary access to people you want to let in just for a short period of time, and lets owners decide which keys work with the lock and for how long. 

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