Will Apple Get into Watches? Meet Cory Booker; A Phone Goes to Space & More

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Apple has conquered your palm and your desktop -- but what about your wrist? Christina Bonnington at Wired mkes a case for Apple creating a "smartwatch," arguing that it's only a matter of time before the company makes waves in the wearable tech market, where companies like Pebble and Nike are already making waves.

Making the Trivial Serious

Vine and Snapchat are two services that are great examples of what Alexis Madrigal deems "frivolous technologies." But turns out it's a lot more fun to examine them through the lenses of serious academia. Chris Baraniuk's essay on visual loops -- as shown through our fascination with "Groundhog Day," -- explains why we are drawn to services like Vine, while Jeremy Antley writes of "the data self" and "the lived self," when it comes to Snapchat.

Sending a Phone into Space

The smartphone space wars have begun! The University of Surrey's Space Center and Surrey Satellite Technology Limited are sending a Google Nexus One smartphone into orbit because it has certain features that will be useful for the satellite that is carrying it out there. Among the apps running on the phone is "Scream in Space," which lets you upload a video of yourself screaming and have it played in space.

This Reminds us of Batman

In The Hague, there's a massive art installation that looks a lot like Batman's camera lair in "The Dark Knight." Conceived by Dutch graphic designer and artist Peter Derks, the display has 800 live camera feeds from all over the world that visitors can use to secretly watch strangers from all over the world. Creepy.

Cory Booker Comes to AdAge

Newark supermayor, prolific Twitter user and founder of a startup called Waywire: Cory Booker has a lot on his plate. Come watch him headline AdAge's Digital Conference on April 16 in New York, along with Waywire co-founder Nathan Richardson. Other speakers include Rebecca Van Dyck, CMO of Facebook and Robert Wong, Creative Director at Google Creative Lab.

Xbox, Meet Siri

The Verge reports that Microsoft plans to improve its speech-recognition features with the next Xbox -- meaning you might be able to just say "play" or "Xbox on" to start the device. The company is also looking into a sensor that will know when there are people in the room and therefore suggest the right multiplayer games if asked to do so. At the same time, the new console might also completely eliminate the need for pre-owned games and be constantly online, which could signal the end of GameStop and other game retailers.

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