Get Your AR DJ on with Wrigley 5

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U.K.-based Exposure and Australian developer Boffswana take Augmented Reality a step beyond in this effort for France's Wrigley 5 gum, an AR-driven DJ setup that invites consumers to create original mixes off tracks available on the 5gum website.

As part of the brand's "Stimulate Your Senses" campaign, Exposure's challenge from the client was "to produce a sensorial experience online," says digital director Sebastian Bench. The agency looked at the marketplace and "recognized several 'for the sake of it' and experimental AR," Bach says, but it was hard pressed to find truly interactive, exciting user generated applications of the technology.

Exposure's response was to create the 5 Mixer, which turns visitors into virtual DJs through a set of three different "flavor-inspired" orbs. By manipulating, adding or taking away glyphs downloadable off the 5gum site, the would-be musicians can modify and mix 15 different tracks. The resulting audio visual mixes can also be recorded and uploaded to a public gallery or passed on to friends via Facebook or email.

A lesson in AR DJ-ing.

Bench says the project took less than two months and utilized a variety of technologies, including Flash, Papervision 3D, AR and 2D. Exposure's in-house creative team developed the site, basic applications and flavor orbs design, which was then passed on to Australia-based Boffswana to develp the AR aspect. London-based Delicious Digital wrote and produced the music.

Exposure is now working on the next generation of the mixer, this time focusing on developing it for mobile technology.
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