Astro-Entertainer Chris Hadfield Turns Space into a Reality Show; Another Competitor for Google Glass and More

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Larry Page's I/O Speech

Larry Page made an appearance at Google's I/O developer conference in San Francisco Wednesday, and Wired reports that his powerful speech reminded everyone why, despite setbacks and failures, Google still rules the technology world. Page's speech focused mostly on the vision he has for the future -- where technology is an assistant, a reminder, an aide, and more, without ever being intrusive.

Google Glass Gets Another Competitor

First there was Telepathy, Takahito Iguchi's Glass competitor that boasted that it's biggest strength was that it would come to market earlier than Google's product. Now, there's Recon Jet, a badly-named wearable Glass that is aimed at the extreme-sports demographic. Mashable reports that info on the display is sports-related, and that the Jet is much more durable than Glass.

Space, The Reality Show

The Final Frontier has gotten even more fascinating -- and you can thank Chris Hadfield for that. The Atlantic's Megan Garner reports that the Canadian astronaut, who has, recently wrung out a tea towel in space, covered David Bowie (in space) and led Canada in a national sing-along (in space!), is one of the major forces behind turning what happens up there into a large-scale reality show that is much, much more fascinating than anything on TV.

Why Do YouTube Videos Suck?

Seven years after YouTube launched "Partners," a program for YouTube creators that split revenue made on their videos, Betabeat asks why the videos continue to be of such bad quality, with content that looks much the same as it did when they first started, despite the people featuring earning their livelihood from it. One explanation: Because YouTube is still free.

Turn Your Hard-Earned Cash into Fake Money

A New Hampshire company has developed a prototype ATM that will take your real cash and turn it into Bitcoins, the online currency used by websites. "Lamassu" is the brainchild of Zach Harvey and Josh Harvey, who plan to sell the machine and will present it at the Bitcoin 2013 Conference this week.

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