Bacardi Challenges You to Capture Pictures of 'Ghosts'

Published on .

This one is for all you 'Ghostbusters' aficionados. Bacardi is challenging you to take a photo of all the ghosts you can find, for a chance to win points at the brand's Ghost Shutter The Exorcist party, to be held in Thailand.

Created by Y&R Thailand, an app, available for Android and iOS, uses augmented reality, Google Maps, and what the agency tells us is other "digital wizardry" to notify users that otherworldly beings are nearby. It requires you to "exorcize" them with some pretty traditional tricks -- splashing holy water, (not sure what that is) casting a spell, or drawing a symbol. Users have to snap a picture of the ghosts and share via Facebook. Every ghost captured earns you points to be redeemed at the party.

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