BBH London: The Cecilia Prize

Published on .

We weren't aware that "amateur art restorers" were allowed to go within a ten-foot pole of famous murals like the Ecce Homo, but last week's bizarre story about the botched restoration attempt by a Cecilia Gimenez has corrected our misconceptions. Either way, the horrible -- yet hilarious -- story has inspired the folks over at BBH London to create the Cecilia Prize, a contest which invites you to daub away at the original painting and "restore" it to the best of your ability. Tweet your masterpieces with the hashtag #ceciliaprize for a chance to win a poster of the "restored" Ecce Homo. There's a gallery of the pieces submitted so far as well, which include a South Park Jesus, a Pikachu Jesus and a Dinosaur Jesus -- and we can say with certainty that almost all of them have done a better job, artistically speaking, than Ms. Gimenez.

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