Bjorn Borg: Bjorn Loves John

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. . . but together, they make for pure magic. That's the point behind this campaign for Swedish clothier Bjorn Borg, which is about to launch a new collaboration with none other than Bjorg's famous competitor, John McEnroe. The films on the site had been released earlier this month on YouTube, followed by this video analyzing how much better they are in tandem--just like the players themselves. Which happens to be the point behind the new limited edition line, scheduled to launch the fall of 2011.

Four different skivvy styles will make up the collection, two of which are designed by Borg and two by McEnroe. The collection is inspired by the '80s, better known as the golden age of tennis. Among the collection will be 100 pieces of extra limited edition underwear. Featuring the real signatures of Borg and McEnroe, they'll be randomly sold at Bjorn Borg retailers around the world.

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