Bonnier: Popular Science+

Published on .

Bonnier has partnered with Berg London on the launch of Popular Science+, the first title on the publisher's digital magazine platform, Mag+.

Mag+ is a project that Bonnier's global R&D task force and BERG, London have been working on for months, and since Apple's unveiling of the iPad, the team kicked things into full gear with Bonnier's editorial teams around the world to re-envision Bonnier titles in tablet form. Popular Science+ is the first to launch, with its iPad version available in iTunes starting tomorrow.

According to a Bonnier rep, the company's design vision for Mag+ is "to avoid what our friends at BERG call 'a wrist screen running clock software' —we wanted to build the watch. It should feel like you are touching the actual magazine, using your natural body language—not looking through the screen and layers of buttons."

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