'Boss Patrol' Lets You Say a Safe Word to Save Your Slacker Colleagues

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Indian whiskey brand McDowell's puts a spin on the oft-created idea of an app that acts as a veil for your non-work activities in the office with "Boss Patrol." Created by DDB Mudra, the campaign plays off the brand's tagline, "The Spirit of Friendship," with an app that gets your friends at work to look out for your boss, in case he's approaching right when you just happen to be looking at some cat videos.

The app lets you designate a phrase that acts as a signal. If you or your colleagues spot your boss nearby, the person who sees him or her approach says the phrase. The mic picks it up, and sends a signal to all of the computers in a group, then opens safe windows showing screens. Screens can be pre-designated to make sense to the person's job.

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