Brand Karma: How to Get Started

Published on .

Craig Davis, CCO at Publicis Mojo has just launched his new baby, Brandkarma. The new site aims to be a social media-driven watchdog of the world's brands. Members sign up and get the latest news on the world's biggest brands and can then use the site to rate them on a variety of categories, from customer experience to eco-friendliness. Brands on the site, which include Starbucks, Disney, the BBC, The Huffington Post and Whole Foods, each have their own karma flowers. Each petal of the flower represents the brand's ratings with regards to investors, customers, employees, suppliers and the environment. Site members are asked to "doo," or rate, the brands according to various categories and assign them a karma rating. The more members participate, the higher their "Doo" rank, from Doo'Little to Super Doo'd.

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