Bravo Found the 'Hottest' Geeks; Romney Trolled by Google and More

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Where Did They Find Such Hot Geeks

Is it just us, or did Bravo start with looks--and not brains first--when it came to casting its upcoming Silicon Valley reality show? Exhibit one, a quote: "People have been intimidated because this package doesn't usually come with a brain." Exhibit two: Guy in toga Exhibit three: Guy in sombrero. . .just watch for yourself

Romney's Completely Wrong

In a move reminiscent of the "Santorum" (but thankfully, not as gross) a Google Image search for "Completely wrong" lands you with lots of pictures of Mitt Romney. But as Slate explains, this isn't a prank -- just an unfortunate coincidence.

Google's AI

Google's learning software, which uses neural networks that adapt depending on information is now being put to use in some of the company's products. The tech is now increasingly important in smartphones, which recognize speech to find information and answer questions. Check out a video on the amazing work on Mashable.

Suit Up, Felix

Felix Baumgartner's 120,000 feet jump from the edge of space has us on the edge of our seats, more so because we still don't know when it's actually happening. But to keep you excited, The Atlantic has a piece on his incredibly high-tech space suit, which is protecting him from the insane altitude, probably his biggest worry.

Yes! A TV Show Based on GIFs

Well, you knew this was coming. CBS has just bought the rights to a show based on reaction GIF blog "Hollywood Assistant." Lauren Bachelis, the creator of the blog, is writing the show, titled "20-Nothings." It will be directed and executive produced by Fred Savage.

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