Cadbury: Spots v Stripes

Published on .

As part of its sponsorship as the "official treat" of the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics, Cadbury tapped Fallon London to launch a massive two-year campaign, Spot v. Stripes. The integrated effort includes TV, print, online, events, social media and more, all centered around a massive tourney divvying the U.K. up into two teams, Spots or Stripes, in the spirit of play.

Players are asked to join a side and participate in a series of silly games offered on the site—like hoop tosses, or of their own making—anything from traditional sports to cereal tower building or bog snorkelling. Games can be played online or in real life. Online winners get their points registered automatically, while offline competitors can log their wins on the claim a point page. The competition will continue right up to the 2012 games. The side with the most points after two years will be the winner, but the two teams will also participate in a grand score-off event for a special prize.

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