Campfire's Mike Monello Celebrates TV Theme Songs

Published on .

When Campfire Partner/CCO Mike Monello isn't busy creating multiplatform stories, he's collecting some tales of old, in the form of TV theme songs. In his free time, Monello has been building "Here's a Story," a repository of classic expository television show intros, the kind that not only featured a catchy tune, but also set the stage for the hilarity or drama that was to ensue.

On the blog, whose title of course refers to the opening words of "The Brady Bunch" theme, Monello quotes Sherwood Schwartz, aka father of the Bradys and Gilligan's Island, who once said he likes to lay it all out up front because "confused people don't laugh." Monello adds, however that such theme songs did much, much more than set up the story. "These catchy story themes were passed on via sing-a-longs to became embedded in our pop culture fabric, endlessly referenced, remixed, remade, and now shared on YouTube."

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