Castrol: FIFA World Cup Ichigo

Published on .

FIFA World Cup interest has been waning in Japan over the last 16 years—not good news for Castrol, which became one of the event's official sponsors last year. So Ogilvy Japan, armed with zero media budget, came up with this idea to rekindle the country's interest in soccer and get Castrol some attention by creating a motorized kicking machine powered by a massive engine.

Castrol and the agency challenged themselves to create Castrol Ichi-Go, or Number One, a machine that would be able to make a free kick exceeding 200 kilometers per hour. The process of making Ichi-go, and its various failures and successes, was documented online. The machine's completion drew worldwide media attention, and as World Cup approaches, Castrol has been receiving requests for Ichi-Go to appear at various events.

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