CaT Conversation: Nick Bilton & Derek Gottfrid of the NY Times

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We're proud to introduce two gentlemen who are long on ideas (and titles), Nick Bilton, design integration editor and user interface specialist & lead researcher at The New York Times and The New York Times Research & Development Lab and Derek Gottfrid, senior software architect, interactive newsroom technologies, New York Times.

Bilton and Gottfrid are at the coal face of journalism's evolution, designing projects to extend the venerable brand into unmapped areas and developing concepts to help newspapers and our conception of news thrive in the 21st Century.

As part of the Times R&D Labs, Bilton looks at emerging technologies and plots how they can impact the Times business and mandate, while Gottfrid is tasked with employing the software tools and programming smarts needed to make the newspaper's digital offerings useful and appealing.

At CaT on June 3rd, the two will be talking on the topic of "The New Old Media," exploring how the New York Times is using technology to re-imagine the news experience. We caught up with them at their HQ earlier this week to probe the nature of their positions, where they see their projects leading and what the journalists of the future will look like.

To read more on CaT, check out the agenda, or buy tickets, hit the event microsite.
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