We've Taken Over! Welcome to the Cat E-mail

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We've seized control from CaT HQ in the bowels of Creativity Manor to bring you this installment of the CaT E-mail, highlighting some of the people and ideas that will be making a splash at our June 3 event. We'll be returning May 22 but until then surreptitiously sliding stories into the daily e-mail when they crop up.

Today, check in with CaT speakers Nick Bilton and Derek Gottfrid of the New York Times as they update us on the innovations they're making at the Grey Lady. Bilton's R&D department and Gottfrid's development side have a long way to go in finding the future of newspapers, but they're not coming up short in the ideas department.

GE has sure started the year off strong, with leaps into the augmented reality world and transparent blogging from a partner agency.

Finally, we've rounded up a handful of stories falling under our purview for Cat Trax, a place where we keep track of recent developments from our presenters as well as ideas at large in the technology sphere.

We look forward to seeing you in New York on June 3rd; here's all the information you need to attend CaT. Until then, keep it geek.
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