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Cat London Agenda

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8:00am: Networking Breakfast and Registration

Opening Remarks

Making it Work Part 1:

Leading digital creatives showcase their best work and discuss the tech, process and people behind it.
Matt Ross, Head of Creative, Tribal DDB, London
Simon Whalley, EP, Digital Design, Framestore
Winston Binch, VP/Managing Director of Interactive, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, U.S.

Presentation: Augmented Reality – The Next Level:
Augmented reality is one of the most discussed technologies of the past few years. As the tech moves from desktop to mobile device, your street level experience can be augmented with location aware extras (now in 3D!). Hear how it works and how it'll evolve from the pioneers in mobile augmented reality.
Claire Boonstra, Co-founder, Layar

Presentation: BERG - Where Digital Technology Meets the Physical World
Design consultancy BERG works with companies "to research and develop their technologies and strategy, primarily by finding opportunities in networks and physical things." In other words, they are doing amazing things where design meets technology, particularly in the areas of mobile and physical computing. Their projects range from Here and There, a horizonless, 3D map of New York and Olinda, a socially networked radio, to, most recently, a neat RFID-enabled Rube Goldberg machine, created with interactive designer Timo Arnall. Matt Jones and Matt Webb will showcase some of their amazing work and get to the crux of the creativity+technology question.
Matt Jones, Director, Design, BERG
Matt Webb, Managing Director, BERG

Networking Break

Making it Work Part 2 - The Swedish Way
The A-team from the land of digital wunderkind talk about the making of their best work and what's in that bracing Swedish water that makes the place an interactive hub.
David Eriksson CEO/Creative Director North Kingdom
Max Ahlborn, Executive Producer/Founding Partner, ACNE Digital
Klas Jonsson, Creative Director/Partner, ACNE Digital
Oscar Tillman, Creative Director, London, B-Reel
Lars Bjurman, Creative Director/Partner, Stockholm, B-Reel

Polar Rose, innovators in facial recognition technology, introduce their innovative product.


12:30pm: Networking Lunch

Making it Work Part 3:
Leading digital creatives showcase their best work and discuss the tech, process and people behind it.
Anders Gustafsson, Creative Director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky Europe
Anders Gustavsson, Creative Director, Agency Republic
Iain Tait, Partner, Poke
Conor Brady, Chief Creative Officer, Organic

Presentation: Open Source Everything Redux
Carlos Ulloa, Founder & Creator of Papervision3D and Interactive Director at HelloEnjoy returns to CaT for a discussion of open development environments and programming languages.

What's Now and What's Next in Mobile:
A panel of apps wizards, including Last Minute Labs' head of innovation, Marko Balabanovic, showcase their greatest app hits and discuss what's possible for brands and creative companies in the mobile arena.

The Technologists: The New Creative Rock Stars
The Heads of Technology at some of the most innovative creative companies talk about bringing tech and creativity together on their teams and in their creative process.
Jon Andrews, Creative Technologist, BBH London
Dave Cox, Technical Director, Lean Mean Fighting Machine
Dom O'Brien, Head of Emerging Technology, Glue
Yates Buckley, Head of Technology, Unit9

Kevin Slavin, Managing Director/Co-founder of Area/Code, on how games don't obey the normal rules of communication.

6:00pm: Event Concludes

Tickets for CaT London, on November 19th, are now available. Click to find out more.
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