CAT London: more speakers, more CAT goodness

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Social gaming. Transmedia storytelling. Gestural interfaces. iPad and the future of screens. The new creative team.

If it's on your mind, it's at CAT London.

Get your tickets now for what promises to be an inspiring, and useful day of creativity and technology, featuring:

Chris Milk, co-creator of Arcade Fire's Wilderness Downtown interactive video

Tommy Pallotta, producer of A Scanner Darkly, Waking Life and director of new transmedia project Collapsus

Jack Schulze from Berg, the wizards behind of the mind bending iPad light painting experiment

Vivian Rosenthal of Tronic, multi-discipline design company and interactive installation pioneer

Flipboard founder Evan Doll

Social computing expert Professor Elizabeth Lane Lawley from top tech school Rochester Institute of Technology

Fredrik Ademar, CTO The Astonishing Tribe, the mobile UI demons who gave us Recognizr and the buzzed-about look into the Future of Screens

Stewart Smith, Artist/programmer, founder of Stewdio

Barack Hachamov, co-founder of "digital intuition" technology, my6sense

Bert Herman, co-founder, Storify

And there's more in store. For more info and to get tickets, visit
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