CaT Trax: 419 Scams, Fry on iPad and...Mouse Trax...?

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  • We'll spare you the iPad opinion orgy, but Stephen Fry, Living Treasure of Great Britain and gadget enthusiast, attended his first product launch yesterday. His thoughts on the iPad?

    "I have always thought Hans Christian Andersen should have written a companion piece to the Emperor's New Clothes, in which everyone points at the Emperor shouting, in a Nelson from the Simpson's voice, 'Ha ha! He's naked.' And then a lone child pipes up, 'No. He's actually wearing a really fine suit of clothes.' And they all clap hands to their foreheads as they realise they have been duped into something worse than the confidence trick, they have fallen for what E. M. Forster called the lack of confidence trick."

  •'s an interview with a Nigerian 419 scammer! You know those people who send spam asking to help recover fortunes? Well, they're real people. Organized criminals. And they use scammed money to buy BMWs. Be sure to read on to part two for the description of the "Wash Wash" scam.

  • Flickr user Anatoly Zenkov made a fun little Java app that tracks the movement of your mouse over a period of time. Check out the photo comments to try it. (Via Ashley Ringrose and Iain Tait.)

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