CaT Trax: A Hot Mug of Tea in the Internet's Cold Forest

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  • The inimitible Yugo Nakamura and his merry band at Tha Ltd are back with another exciting development in Scr, "a new marketplace for artistic software and applications where artists can make profit from their digital artworks."

    In the debut batch of stunning visual toys (which seem to mostly be screensavers), Tha releases Mug Shooter, a facial warping element, two timekeepers in Dropclock and Crashclock (the latter you may remember from a few weeks ago), and its older screensaver Kaze To Desktop, which blows your screen contents around at the wind speed of your present location.

    Additional collaborators include Andreas Müller with Hana, Brendan Dawes, who contributes Yuugen, a musical element using sounds of the Japanese Koto, Delaware, who releases Cry Dog Cry, a tiled piece of "tradigital folk art" and frequent Graffiti Research Lab collaborator Theo Watson, who drops Minnow, a virtual aquarium that reacts to your laptop position.

    Most of the art pieces range from $5 to $15 to license but all are free to try.

  • Did you not hear about Google's operating system? Welcome back from a place without the internet. Wired Gadget Lab's Charlie Sorrel takes a look at what a cheap, fast OS will do for the netbook market.

  • User experience designer Dustin Curtis fired off a letter and a friendlier look at American Airlines' website expecting it to go down the memory hole, but to his surprise a competent designer wrote him back, and most importantly, filled him in on the process of corporate design and all the interests in play in a massive, public-facing e-commerce site. Depressing? A little bit. Interesting, too, though.

  • Another opinionated user experience designer is Poke's Danny Nathan, who spends a lengthy interview explaining his working methods, philosophies, etc. Danny sez: "process has to be flexible. That would be my biggest piece of advice for anyone trying to figure this whole thing out. Know the "how you work best" part of your process, and stick to it relentlessly. But within that framework, be completely flexible. Every project is different, and being able to adapt to those differences and still come out the other end with viable, groundbreaking work is what will make you valuable." Words of wisdom, Lloyd, my man. Words of wisdom.

  • The world would be a much poorer place without the D-Touch augmented reality drum machine. If you've got a rainy day in the makings, or just need to do some 'research,' fire one up and let us know how it goes.
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