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  • Remember that killer Facebook integration CNN did during the inauguration that enabled you to watch and update your status along with all of your friends watching at the same time? Well, now it's open to any old Dave or Dora Developer who might have streaming (or not) content they want many people to comment on. We're no career counselors, but if you can speak Facebook Connect and find yourself out of work at present, UStream up your kid's tee-ball game, add the Live Stream Box to the page and invite all the integrated production people you know to watch—one of them might have a project for you in the future.

  • Nathan Yau of Flowing Data runs down some recent information visualization standouts for the Guardian's Data Blog.

  • It must be infovis afternoon here at Creativity Towers, because we've got another great insight in the field, this time from Ed Cotton of Influx Insights, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners' strategy division. Cotton takes a look at Apple's app wall at the recent WDDC and comes to an interesting conclusion: "If used correctly, data visualization could help audiences to better understand brands, either in the representation of large scale global interactions or focused on a more local level."

  • CaT veteran and infovis specialist Manuel Lima talks about the prevalence of data, making it sensible and meaningful and, above all, beautiful.

  • AdLab's Ilya Vedrashko (who's also at Hill Holliday) pulls back the curtain on the Dunkin Run app, which, we hear, got a shout-out from Conan the other night on the Tonight Show.

  • It's no Flight Patterns, but "networkSim," a real-time 3D visualization developed by WHITEvoid for the Lufthansa Brand Academy comes pretty close. Around 16,000 Lufthansa and Star Alliance flights are tracked in the virtual control tower, with sound design courtesy musician Robert Henke, aka Monolake. Via the always-killer Infosthetics, which should definitely be in your RSS quiver.

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