Digital goodies from this week's CAT Trax

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You Definitely Didn't Steal Anything

In case you haven't heard, there is a patent battle going on between Apple and Samsung. But Conan O'Brien, through this hilarious spoof video, shows that Samsung has definitely, 100%, not stolen anything from Apple.

Google Cars Are Officially Better Than You

This stat should make most bad drivers feel worse. Google's fleet of self-driving cars has gone 300,000 miles withou a single accident under computer control. Translation: Computers are officially smarter than humans.

Security, ha!

Late last week, Wired reporter Matt Honan described how he became the victim of one of the most epic hacks of all time, in a pretty chilling story. Now, Wired reports that Amazon quietly closed the security hole that led to the hack in the first place. Also, how security questions are just a giant joke.

Microsoft, Crime Fighter

Crain's New York reports that a new crime-tracking system, designed by the NYPD and Microsoft, will mine data and photographs from cameras, 911 calls and other sources to help detectives out. The Domain Awareness System will also provide a new revenue source for the city.

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