CaT Trax: DARPA's luftballons, Wired hits CaT and More

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  • The good folks from Wired were on hand at CaT and filed a pair of interesting pieces taking on different parts of the day, from an overview of the event from Maria Popova to Peter Kirwin's look at the neo-Mad Men and strategies behind some of the wonderful work we showcased.

  • Meanwhile, over at BERG HQ, Matt Jones and Co. have posted his talk from CaT entitled "Immaterials." Go have a look-see and whet your whistle while our hardworking videognomes tack together real moving images from the conference.

  • First they create the internet, then they make it jump through hoops. There are just two days left before DARPA launches its ten balloons in a contest devoted to studying the effects of social networking and collaboration on communication. The cash prize is $40,000--still plenty of time to convince your Twitter horde to comb the countryside!

  • One of the more exciting demos of CaT London came from Papervision3D/HelloEnjoy! founder Carlos Ulloa, who showed off some new creations in the Unity3D platform. According to Slashdot Games, laser scanner technology (remember the Radiohead video that used Processing?) is implementing Unity3D to recreate crime scenes. Programmers who've spent too much time watching television forensic invesitigation dramas, this is your big chance.

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