CaT Trax:, Unlearning Your MBA and SoDA's Survey

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  • For those about to dataviz, we salute you. You've got a huge amount of things to sift and present, thanks to the British government, which announced the opening of So get to work! Fire up Processing and see what you can do. Seen above? The scary-sounding Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation.

  • The Society of Digital Agencies has released its first major survey, and things look good for digital, with 81% of brand marketers expecting an increase in digital projects for 2010, half of them shifting funds from traditional to digital and over 3/4 thinking the economic downturn will push funds online. Additional insight? Time-on-site is a favored metric, Flash is still a desirable skill set and social networking is a top priority. Read all about it.

  • Meanwhile, over at Stanford's Entrepreneurship Corner, 37signals and Ruby On Rails founder David Heineimeier Hansson describes how you too should unlearn your MBA and feel the pull of the startup world.
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