Cat Trax February 10, 2011: Gawker redesign, social media snafus, Bubbli and more

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Gawker gets a new format (and a scoop)
Gawker's much discussed redesign met with.. lukewarm reviews. The rethink, which disses Twitter and abandons the classic blog format in favor of a front page story-look, may have earned darts from commenters, but, as the NYT points out, got a big shot in the arm from the Craigslist Congressman story.

What is Bubbli
"A new kind of photograph," next gen AR? Not sure but it sounds cool.

In Focus

Alan Taylor launches a new photography blog on The Atlantic, In Focus.

One opinion on AOL/Po
Why the AOL deal for HuffPo represents The Crappification of Everything From InfoWorld

The seven step program for social media boners
In the wake of the Kenneth Cole Egypt Tweet debacle and just in time for Groupon's linkage of dire global issues with getting cheap Brazilian waxes, Ad Age outlines The Seven Stages of Committing a Social-Media Sin.
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