CaT Trax: February 25, 2010

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A Pivot-al moment for Data
Fresh out of Microsoft Live Labs, the people who brought you Photosynth, a new tool for making sense fo data. According to Pivots creators (who include Gary Flake) Pivot "enables you to see massive quantities of information at one time" and enables quick and easy transition from micro to macro - from a high res zoom into one image, to the big picture of a huge data set. Read about it and see a video demo on MIT Technology Review.

Chatroulette, and what it means for those not currently touching themselves
Matthew Szymczyk of Zugara wades into the perilous waters of Chatroulette in a discussion of the future of video conferencing. Among the highlights - Chatroulette, um, augmenter, ManyCam

Google, illustrated
What's the number of page views daily on What's the growth in Google's ad revenue been since 2002? How many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? Find out in this grand Google infographic from Pingdom

The Internet. Pew.
The Pew Research Center's Future of the Internet IV.

Fun with Browsers.
Fucking Windows Enough said.

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