CaT Trax: Heed CES' Virtual Call

Published on .

  • Ah, CES, that lovely week in fabulous Las Vegas where even the strippers have an opinion on 3D TVs.

    Just as fitting, then, that Polaroid has announced Lady Gaga will creative direct her own line of products.

    See Steve Ballmer's keynote address and follow coverage on Ad Age. For yet more from the CES pool, Wired's Gadget Lab and Engadget, are covering every nook and cranny. Figure out along with them which of the 1,500 e-readers is right for you.

    Here at the CaT Lab, once we get our hands on a Parrot AR.Drone, and a Zomm we'll be trotting off to conduct an unpopular war on our office insurgency.

  • Really Interesting Group, an exciting new UK venture comprising of Russell Davies and Ben Terrett have a decent chance of winning most-nerd-friendly holiday greeting with the RIG DataDecs, cute little ornaments that reveal information about the recipient's reported web activity.
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