CaT Trax: An Infovis Manifesto, Coupland Gets Custom and more

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  • CaT NYC speaker Manuel Lima's put together a comprehensive manifesto on his Visual Complexity blog, a ten-point plan designed to guide would-be creators on the fundamental questions and topics in any information visualization project. A sample:

    "Look for Relevancy: Extracting relevancy in a set of data is one of the hardest pursuits for any machine. This is where natural human abilities such as pattern recognition and parallel processing come in hand. Relevancy is also highly dependent on the final user and the context of interaction. If the relevancy ratio is high it can increase the possibility of comprehension, assimilation and decision-making."

  • Further on the open data and information visualization tip, Information Aesthetics has an excellent post up taking a look at Australian state New South Wales' effort to put government data from the state's archives, records, statistics and even media agencies online.

  • Canadian author Douglas Coupland, no stranger to innovative publicity for publishing (see last year's retro-cool webfilms for The Gum Theif) has a new gimmick for his latest, Generation A: a customizable book jacket. At would-be-readers can choose all sorts of options for the book's cover. So much for the inscription on the flyleaf, eh?
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