CaT Trax: Infovis Mindmaze, iProcessing, Valentine's Puzzles, AR Gaming

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  • Fans of uber-exciting programming language Processing will be pleased to hear that it's coming to the iPhone, enabling all sorts of tricksy visualizations and fun bits of crossover. (And look how cute the BirdBox app is!)

    Meanwhile, the Future of Open Source Forum and North Bridge Venture Partners have presented their 2010 survey on how people are using open source software. If you use free tools, take a few minutes and give them a hand.

  • If by chance you've got an information visualization project coming up, or are just a Tufte junkie, you could do well by consulting Designer Daily's creative infographics dump. Pictured above, "How Memory Forms."

  • The question of why you've got nothing to snuggle on Sunday may be unsolvable, but Hypios, a company that crowdsources solutions to R&D quandaries, is offering a hefty payday to whomever can help solve one of its difficult research questions culled from the group. Check it out, and see if you can't spread some love with your brain for a change.

  • Demo Video Squared
    We've mentioned Square in this space before, the mobile payment system from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. If you were skeptical, check out this crystal clear how-it-works video.

    And finally, whether or not this is indeed the "future of AR gaming," it sure as shoot would make advertising conferences a lot more fun...
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