CAT Trax: July 19, 2012

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Foursquare Lets Brands Talk to You

Checking in to your favorite pizza place over and over again? Foursquare is rolling out a "local updates" tool that lets businesses send updates to users picked through an algorithm that finds people who check in frequently, recently, and "like" certain businesses.

Macy's Rolls Out Shopkick to All Its Stores

The retailer was the one of the first to use Shopkick's mobile rewards program, which lets shoppers earn points by "interacting with products" in stores, using their cellphones.The system needs transmitters that emit signals that a cellphone can hear. Now, a new partnership will let stores emit that noise through the shop's music system.

Visit Antarctica, Thanks to Google

Google has released a bunch of Antarctica sites in 360-degree panoramic view on Street View. You can see far-flung places like the South Pole, and even the inside of Robert Falcon Scott's hut. Creepy, but cool.

How Does Lolo Jones Hurdle?

Using motion capture technology, the Times presents the science of hurdling through an incredible interactive video.

Surfing with a View

Samsung has designed a monitor that also works as a window, so you can get on the Internet and also look outside at the same time. The solar-powered window/monitor also lets you "draw the blinds" by just swiping your hands down the screen.

Marissa Mayer Forgets Yahoo

Back in January, the newly minted Yahoo CEO was asked which search engines from the past were still in existence today. She rattles off a few quite impressively, but then forgets one key one. We're guessing she wasn't interviewing yet. You can check out the full talk, "An evening with Marissa Mayer" on YouTube.

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