CAT Trax: July 26, 2012

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Google Introduces 'Handwrite'

Now this is why we love Google. The company consistently comes out with little way to improve the way we do everyday tasks. Now, with "Handwrite," you can scrawl out what you want to search. Visit on your phone, tap on "Settings" and enable "Handwrite."

The Man Behind Facebook Ads

Wired's Ryan Tate has a profile of Gokul Rajaram, the man behind Facebook advertising. Mr. Rajaram has plenty of critics; people who wonder how his ad tech will generate Facebook profits. But he himself takes a longer-term, more positive view.

Internet, Killer of Creativity

An ad lawyers ponders on whether the Internet, for all its good, is actually killing creativity in advertising, mostly because it's an easy way to glean inspiration.

See the Memorial Quilt Digitally

The 25-year-old NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt is so big, that if rolled out, it would cover 1.3 million square feet. The 54-ton, 50,000 panel work of art is split into three sections to fit the display at the National Mall, but Microsoft Research has created a digital exhibit to display the entire quilt.

Nike is Serious About its Eyewear

Nike has funded a study at Duke's Institute of Brain Science to investigate whether using the brand's specialized strobe eyewear helped people doing physical activities increase their visual memories. Guess it's serious.
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