CAT Trax: July 5, 2012

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Stay Social

Turns out, those who interact with social media on a second screen while watching television are actually more engaged than those who don't according to a new study.

Digitizing History

Israel's history is going digital. Workers at the Israeli National Archives are digitizing much of the country's historical material, and have begun an English-language blog of archived material, posting whatever is relevant to what's in the news today. Lots of videos and documents are up for perusal.

A Soldier's Sixth Sense

Welcome to the future. The BBC reports that military scientists are working on technologies that will bring neuroscience to the battlefield, adding sophisticated mind-control abilities to a soldier's helmet, effectively giving him a 'sixth sense.'

The Amazing JB

Get your iPhone-toting friends all jealous with the amazing voice capabilities of the new Android model, Jelly Bean, which are showed off in this pretty impressive video that demonstrates more than 40 voice searches thrown at Google. This sure beats Zooey Deschanel and her weather-related queries.

Who's That Talking?

In Michigan, men's bathrooms may soon hear the voice of a woman. Talking urinal cakes are being deployed in that state's bars to remind men that if they're too drunk to drive, they should call a cab.

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