CAT Trax: July 8, 2010

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Boy this LeBron kid better be good.. make ESPN bend over in such an unseemly way..
But, all eyes (even those belonging to those of us for whom the whole affair is just gross) will be glued to whatever device you get your news from tonight. If it's Twitter, be sure to send your question to the ballyhooed LeBron Twitter account @KingJames. His highness will be taking questions.
And for a gentle counterpoint to all of this, head over to Deadspin...

In other, real, news, Fourquare gets layers!
Foursquare users can now see the world through the eyes of the brands and organizations they follow - IFC and Huffington Post initially. ReadWriteWeb has more. Also: Foursquare getting gamier?

You know you're going to see it...
The second trailer for David Fincher-directed The Social Network

Does the world need theseapps?

How are people really using the iPad? Via Mashable

Babelgum has a go at OK Go with Giant Pie

And.. the anthem of summer 2010 so far
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