CAT Trax: June 7, 2011

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Microsoft, get in line.

Leaders of industry trade groups that make up the Digital Advertising Alliance are set to reject Microsoft's new browser, which the company revealed would ship with the 'Do Not Track' functionality turned on, Ad Age reports. But Microsoft is a member of the DAA, and its break from the self-regulatory program is threatening to throw the entire industry into disarray.

The Sounds of Yesterday

The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal is nostalgic for the the "ding" of a dial-up modem and the 'whrr' of a fax machine -- the soundtrack for a bygone area which you can relive on Brendan Chillcutt's site, The Museum of Endangered Sounds .

Old Enough to Facebook?

If Facebook wants to officially open up the social network to kids under 13 years of age -- many of whom it already caters to, unofficially -- it's going to have to be a little more cautious. Issues ranging from cyber-bullying to the use of kids' data are going to cause some regulatory hurdles.

Stop With All These Names, Already explains Mercedes' obsession with making the most mundane technological innovations "magical," and offers some ideas of their own. Magic fingers, anyone?

Consolidating the Online Ad Ecosystem

Google is making a play for publishers, agencies and marketers that want a one-stop dashboard, in what looks like its biggest bet for display yet. DoubleClick Digital Marketing is a technology "stack" that will pull together display, search, mobile, video, auction-based buying, Google analytics, and the interactions between them.

Foursquare's Big Makeover

Foursquare is no longer just about showing off the cool bar you were at. The company is making over its check-in service, turning it into a recommendation engine like Yelp, according to the New York Times.

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