CAT Trax: Links roundup April 1, 2010

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iLikeit: hands on reviews
The reviews are in. Fingerprints aside, we have a winner. Quoth WSJ's Mossberg: "I found the iPad a pleasure to use, and had less and less interest in cracking open my heavier ThinkPad or MacBook."
Read his full review
And others
New York Times
PC Mag

Apps arrive
In the meantime, to stoke the fires of desire, iPad apps are springing up in the iTunes store. Via Mashable

Oh the nerd humor
The April fools parade kicks off with Google's name change announcement.
Here's more. Lots more.

And speaking of iPad
Apple's new iPad ad plans

The Masters: Digital Double Take
Via WSJ:Factum Arte makes the highest of res digital fakes

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