CaT Trax: March 4, 2010

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Time to Rewrite the Brand Playbook for Digital
In light of the changing environment and technology, are brands/brand builders asking the wrong questions?
From Ad Age

Call me on freckle, freckle, hair, hair, mole, vein, freckle
Touchscreens not hairy enough for you? Try using your own body to tap in information. We've seen MIT's Pranav Mistry use his hand to dial a number during the Sixth Sense demo. Now there's Skinput.

Curious Displays
This has been floating around for a while, but just in case you missed it, don't. If you liked MIT's Flyfire and its swarm of helicopters you'll like this. Julia Tsao's Curious Displays - a hive of smart blocks that can move about a space independently and in unison to find stuff, relay information and even form a display unit.

Curious Displays from Julia Tsao on Vimeo.

Ubiquitous Computing v. Augmented Reality
A Primer
Palo Alto Research Center

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