CaT Trax: Primes, iPhones and Roll-Your-Own-TV

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  • If you look very closely at this visualization of prime numbers, you will see the entire script of the last season of Lost along with a drawing of Kate and Sayid getting it on. No, seriously, it's a series of intriguing CAD-sketched images and animations of very high primes.

    In other delicious math news, a gentleman by the name of George W. Hart has a lesson for you on how to slice a bagel into two linked halves and learn some geometry with your schmear.

    Check out a couple more cool math-related visualization projects in the comments at Information Aesthetics, where we nicked this tip.

  • Well, it looks like Creativity 50 honoree Ge Wang has gone and done it. The Stanford professor and leading mind behind Smule and the Ocarina iPhone app has staged an iPhone-only concert at Stanford with the Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra. Read all about it.

    Meanwhile, Big Spaceship CEO Michael Lebowitz posted another musician using the phone, this time it's Yann Tiersen lining up six iPhones to make a keyboard and playing one of his compositions.

  • Meanwhile, at The New York Times they've finally wised up and given O.G. CaT NYC star Nick Bilton some serious byline action in the last couple weeks. In his latest story, he explains his media center and how he's weaned himself from cable with all manner of entertainment-wrangling gadgetry. No mention of torrents, though--Nick keeps it legit.

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