CAT Trax: September 6, 2012

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Too Bad, Nokia

The Verge does some stellar sleuthing and finds out that Nokia's ad for its PureView camera, which has a pretty awesome image stabilization feature, was actually faked. The ad featured a guy and girl riding bicycles, while he films her. Then, side-by-side frames show the difference the stabilization tech makes to a video. But a passing reflection has given the whole thing away.

Never Mind the VMAs

While the MTV Video Music Awards are kind of a big deal (Bey announced her pregnancy at the last one!) they often don't include some of the best videos from bands that aren't so prolific. So Vimeo staff have picked their favorite music videos from 2012 that are nowhere to be found on MTV.

Halloween for Geeks

GeekDad, a.k.a, engineer Dave Giancaspro, encourages you to add some tech to your Halloween decorations with the help of motion detectors and an Arduino. We see two potential uses: Give trick-or-treating kids something extra special, or scare off candy hunters before they interrupt your Netflix marathons.

Tim Berners-Lee on the Internet, Again

The creator of the world wide web has released the first-ever "Web Index," a massive amount of data that checks in on how well the Internet has done, a generation after he created it. It evaluates the Internet on ease of connectivity, level of usage, and its political, economic and social impact. Via The Atlantic.

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