CaT Trax: Snuggling Into Workspaces, Ars Electronica Visualized and More

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  • An app that gets you a new office? Well, sort of. It doesn't quite get you a job, but if you work remotely WorkSnug promises to help you track down a comfortable, quiet spot to hunker down and crank out some stuff with a cute AR layer and info on cozy corners available for working

    Currently available for London, the app promises San Francisco next, with the WorkSnug crew probably beginning to personally review SF's myriad spaces for such nomad-friendly perks as great coffee and power outlets.

  • Yet another stunning visualization comes via the always-on-point Information Aesthetics for the venerable digital media confab Ars Electronica.

    A massive wall of infovis called "Mapping The Archive: 30 Years of Ars Electronica", done by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute (LBI) for Media.Art.Research. elegantly interrelates tons of data over the history of the gathering. Goes to show, yet again--don't throw anything away.

  • Growing excitement in the grocery aisle and beyond with digital couponing innovations from Cellfire, and virtual salespeople and bartenders from Digital Aisle were among the most tweeted topics at Ogilvy Digital Labs' The Outernet conference today.
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