CaT Trax: Twitter Screams #iaintait

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  • If enough people fall into the #iaintait hoax, one of our CaT London presenters may be trending by tonight.

    Someone, and we're not quite sure who, started off a cascade of mentions when they drew up a fake Tweet stating "@iaintait Has 1000 Google Wave invites to give away. RT with the hash tag #iaintait to get one." Needless to say once the news spread the Poke founding partner surged toward the heights of "It's October", "#uknowitsthe1st", "#Googlewave", "#WHY", "Halloween", "Breast Cancer", "Indonesia", "H1N1", "Jon Gosselin" and "#SouljaBoyandTrina". Truly a proud day. For more on Wave, Metafilter's got a great roundup. Meanwhile, we await virtual pitchforks and torches for Tait.

  • A billion here, a billion there--what happens when you add it up? A graphic from Information is Beautiful does just that, placing our outlay to staunch the financial crisis next to foreign aid, Nintendo's market value and the Internet porn industry, among other things.

  • Over at the Creative Social blog Isabelle takes a tour through Microsoft's Surface touchtable at the PICNIC event in Amsterdam and touches on a few useful applications for it.
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