CAT Video: RIT's Elizabeth Lane Lawley

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Elizabeth Lane Lawley, Director of the Lab for Social Computing and Associate Professor of Interactive Games & Media, Rochester Institute of Technology talks about geographic and demographic groups often ignored by developers/creatives.

Full description:

There are many new platforms built on social game mechanics, like location-based tools Foursquare and Gowalla, that are doing amazing things in large-scale metropolitan areas like NYC and SF and Seattle, where there's a critical mass of technologically "hip" consumers. But there are much larger populations out there that are currently underserved by most cutting edge social software. Who's designing the social systems to support the needs of suburban parents, for instance? Or for small local businesses? Here, Lawley speaks to how these systems can be applied in smaller contexts, drawing on insight from a recent, experimental game: Picture the Impossible, a city-wide alternate reality game, developed in Rochester, NY, in partnership with the local newspaper and public radio station.

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