CAT New York: It Begins

Published on .

The third - third! - CAT event will unfold in New York June 10 and we've lined up the first batch of speakers. Among them: Eric Rodenbeck, head of data viz powerhouse Stamen Design, and creator of social media visualization tool, Eddy; Blaise Aguera y Arcas, the creator of Seadragon and the architect of Bing Maps at Microsoft; CAT repeat delighter Kevin Slavin, now spearheading a new social TV initiative; Jan Erik Solem, CTO and founder of facial recognition pioneer Polar Rose, a co-developer of the mind blowing AR-social app Recognizr; and many more, including a who's who of agency creatives and technologists.

iPad development, location based everything, the internet of things, data viz, mobile games, augmenting the real world and more. If it's on your mind as a creative or technologist, it'll be on stage and in the demo rooms at CAT New York.

Check out the line-up so far and buy tickets at, and stay tuned for some more pants-wettingly exciting speaker announcements soon.

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