CAT New York: Speaker Update

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If you're a CAT type, you no doubt caught the eye-popping video for Flyfire- essentially an army of location-aware mini-copters that form 3D LED art - earlier this year. The people behind Flyfire, MIT's Senseable City Lab, will be joining the swelling line-up for CAT New York.

Among the other speakers:
Blaise Aguera y Arcas, the creator of Seadragon and the architect of Bing Maps at Microsoft

Winston Binch, Partner, Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Eric Rodenbeck, head of data viz powerhouse Stamen Design, and creator of social media visualization tool, Eddy

Lynn Grillo, Creative Solutions Engineering Manager, Adobe

Kevin Slavin, co-founder of area/code and founder of social-TV initiative, Starling

Jan Erik Solem, CTO and founder of facial recognition pioneer Polar Rose, a co-developer of the mind blowing AR-social app Recognizr

Nick Law, EVP, Chief Creative Officer—North America, R/GA

and many more, including a who's who of creative technologists.

iPad development, location based everything, the internet of things, data viz, mobile games, augmenting the real world and more. If it's on your mind as a creative, producer, marketer or technologist, it'll be on stage and in the demo rooms at CAT New York.

Watch for more speaker announcements in the coming days, check out the line-up so far and buy tickets at

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