The Highs and Lows of Qualcomm's CES Keynote; Audi's Self-Parking Car & More

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Opening CES 2013

What happens when you get Big Bird, archbishop Desmond Tutu and a Rolls Royce together? No, not your last crazy dream/nightmare, but CES 2013's keynote by Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs. The Verge breaks down the utter madness through tweets, comments and a super-snarky supercut.

Combining Cooking and Music

Viktor Jan's "Beatoven" combines two skills -- cooking and music -- by letting users mix sounds as if they were the components of a meal. Using an Arduino board that controls MIDI Sound and App, users can put different things into a pot on the stove, to create new sounds. You can also adjust the buttons to change the sound. Check out Creative Applications for a video.

No Thanks, Hapifork

While Hapifork, a utensil that vibrates when you eat too quickly, thus getting you to eat less, has been making the rounds around CES, The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal is less than impressed. "Yes, this is what it has come to," he writes. "Selling utensils that are practically shock-collar sporks, aimed at barring us from eating too much delicious food."

Audi's Self-Parking Car

And speaking of things to come out of CES, Audi has introduced a car that parks itself, via its Audi Connect App built on autonomous vehicle technology. It works somewhat like this: Laser scanners are positioned all around the garage and its entrance, which links to the car's Wi-Fi connection. While that means garages are going to need to play catch-up so the tech can work, Audi plans to launch within the decade. Check out Wired for more.

Data in 2013

From social-data pipes that continue to close up, to a lack of data scientists, here are AdAge's trends to watch in 2013 in the world of data. Also, check out the other trends you might want to get cracking on, in creativity, agencies, retail and more.

More CES?

From Aereo's rapid expansion to the hurdles that we must face before smart homes are a reality, AdAge has got all the coverage of the action in Las Vegas, including the events that we are hosting there.

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