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This clever interactive campaign by Leo Burnett for UK charity Business in The Community (BITC) makes use of the "Skip Ad" button on online ads to great effect. The film (directed by Blink's Dougal Wilson) puts the viewer in the position of a potential employer interviewing a job applicant across a desk. If they press the "Skip Ad" button as he starts to explain that he just got out of prison (as you'll see in video above) , the interview begins again with the applicant begging them to "hear him out." The endline urges us to give him ex-offenders a second chance. See the full video, sans skipping, here.

The idea is to draw a parallel between employers rejecting potential job applicants who are ex-offenders and viewers of online videos skipping ads they don't want to see.

Leo Burnett's specialist not-for-profit and behavioural change division, Leo Burnett Change, created the spot as part of an integrated campaign for BITC's Ban the Box project to end discrimination in the workplace. Ban the Box is calling on UK employers to remove the default criminal-record disclosure check box from job application forms.

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