The One Club Launches Quarterly Judging for the One Show Interactive

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In an attempt to keep in step with fast-moving developments in the digital industry, the One Show has announced that entries for the One Show Interactive will be judged on a quarterly basis. "The digital world moves too fast for a once a year deadline," says One Club President Kevin Swanepoel. The intention is to give all work equal and real time attention, he says. "Too often, work created early in the year is overshadowed by the 'newest and latest' that comes out closer to a big traditional deadline."

Jurors can expect to spend a week each quarter judging entries online. Quarterly winners will then move onto the final judging, by all jury members together in New York in April. "The benefits to the judges will be less pressure; they wont have to judge thousands of entries over a short period," says Swanepoel. "The judges will also be able to reflect and judge according to industry changes and trends."

Quarterly winners won't necessarily receive Pencils, but they are guaranteed a merit award and placement in the One Show Annual. Fees will only be applied once at entry time, with no additional costs to enter the final judging round.

The One Club's decision was prompted by Swanepoel and past jury members' observations of "amazing pieces of work that were produced so early in the year that we feared they would be missed come award time, much like those amazing films that come out right after the Oscars and are sadly forgotten by the next show," he says. "The speed of innovation today is just blinding and this is meant to help account for that."

The new system also provides an added bonus. "By spreading the jury's duties out over the year they can really give each piece of work the care and attention it deserves," Swanepoel says.

Swanepoel says that a desire to draw more entries wasn't inspiration for the move. "Whether or not this will increase entries is just impossible to predict," Swanepoel says. "Given the fast-paced, fluid nature of digital advertising I think this system is the tool we need to find the best of what's out there. If that means more entries, wonderful, but no, that wasn't what prompted this change."

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