Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola Music

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Coca-cola is launching a user-generated content initiative that will allow fans to interact with the band Maroon5 online and help them compose an original song in 24 hours.

By visiting over the course of March 22, fans will be able to lend their creative inspiration to lyrics, riffs and rhythms for a new track, which will be recorded at a studio in London by Maroon5. The recording session will be streamed live, and the single launched at the end of the day.

Fans can send in words, comments and pictures to help inspire the band. A specially created movement-based projection system, created by Nexus Interactive Arts directing duo, Hellicar & Lewis, will stream the suggestions onto the studio walls and direct to the band, so that they don't need to gather around a computer.

Coke said the 24 hour session would spearhead Coca-Cola Music, a new music program that will give teens the inside track on the creation of music and the opportunity to view leading artists at work.

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