COD Black Ops II Streams to YouTube, Obama's Data Dynamos; Senator Attacked for her 'Secret' WoW Life and More.

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Watch Gamers Play Call of Duty -- On YouTube

Google's YouTube is setting up a new feature that will let gamers playing Activision's latest game, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, stream their moves to the site live. It's a new kind of reality entertainment, sure to get lots of eyeballs, AllThingsD reports.

Microsoft Device Ever

Feast your eyes on every single piece of hardware to come out Microsoft, courtesy Gizmodo. From a handful of Zune models (remember those?) to ergonomic keyboards, Redmond has it all.

The Data Crunchers That Helped Obama to Victory

Was it clever campaigning that did it? TIME Magazine goes behind the scenes of the number crunchers that brought Barack Obama to victory this Election day, to explain, among other things, why Sarah Jessica Parker was chosen to host a dinner for the President.

Walk Into a Mall for a Coupon

Coupon website RetailMeNot has an as-yet-unapproved iPhone app waiting in the wings, that will deliver a coupon to your smartphone as soon as you get even near a shopping mall, reports the NYT. The company has brought on retailers like Target, Macy's and JCPenney to participate.

You Can Be a WoW Player and a Senator, Too

Colleen Lachowicz, the incoming Maine state Senator, probably had one of the more bizarre attacks to contend with in her race this election. Lachowicz, who is a World of Warcraft player, was attacked for her hobby -- termed crude, vicious and violent by the Maine Republican Party -- asking whether her "double life" made her fit to be a Senator. The website, created by the Party is especially enlightening, especially for you gamers/political aspirants out there.

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