What the Code in Movies Really Means; The First NSA-Proof Phone & More

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Nest: Nest Protect
Nest: Nest Protect

Why Google Bought Nest

One of the bigger pieces of news in the tech world this week was Google's purchase of home appliance company Nest, whose biggest claims to fame thus far are smart thermostats and smoke detectors. The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal says it's not because Google wants your home data, or that it wants the expertise of Nest co-founder Tony Faddell (himself an Apple alumnus), but that the purchase slots neatly into Google's recent interest in robots.

Source Code

Ever watched a movie like "Hackers" or "White House Down" and wondered if the code that appears on screens of programmers is real? Probably not, unless you're a total nerd. But if you perchance have, this Tumblr captures screen grabs of relevant code in TV series or movies and explains what they really are.

Is This the First NSA-Proof Phone?

A Swiss joint venture between Silent Circle and Geeksphone, backed by Phil Zimmerman (PGP creator) has created a smartphone called Blackphone that promises to protect you from the NSA -- or anyone else looking to check out your private data. It doesn't work with any carrier or vendor, and is powered by an open source Android build that will let people exchange secure phone calls. It will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress on Feb. 24.

Drive Safe with Google Glass

While the jury's still out on whether driving with Google Glass is kosher or not, but a new app for the wearable tech is hoping it can help. "DriveSafe" uses the accelerometer inside Glass to figure out if you're sleeping while driving -- by sounding an alarm if your head dips down and you start nodding off. If you do it one too many times, DriveSafe finds you the closest rest area.

HBO's New Show Isn't About Gay Relationships

It's actually about social media. Recode says that "Looking," a San Francisco-set-series about a trio of young gay men, manages to do a great job at outlining how our relationships live and are affected by social media. Our favorite line from the trailer: "Instagram filters have ruined everything, and I can't tell if this guy is hot or not."

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