Conde Nast Self: Workout in the Park Social Game

Published on .

Self, the Conde Nast-owned women's health magazine, is launching a Facebook game in which players create avatars and conduct online 'workouts' in a virtual fitness league.

Self Workout in the Park, which will go live on Facebook on March 19, is an online version of Workout in the Park, an event the magazine has hosted for 19 years in New York and other cities. Players create an avatar, build an outdoor fitness park and keep their character in shape with a variety of virtual workouts (the characters appeared more toned the more you play). They can also acquire 'hip workout gear', take part in mini-games and challenges and invite friends to visit their parks. And, for those who want more than an imaginary workout, users can log their real workouts onto the game and earn additional experience and perks.

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